Transportation Schedule



Bus 35, T. McGowen

7:30 a.m., leave bus depot; Winnegance Store; 7:37, Campbell’s Pond Rd. at West Bath line; 7:46, Birch Point and Campbell’s Pond Rd.; 7:48, Shoal’s Cove; 7:54, Sabino Hall; 7:58, Quaker Point Loop; 8:08, State Road at Witch Spring; 8:09, pick up at Sanford’s new garage; 8:13, New Meadow’s Rd.; 8:20, West Bath School.

Bus 50, B. Bennett

7:27 a.m., leave station- Witch Spring Hill, left on Berry's Mill; 7:35, Right onto Hill Rd. to Mountain Rd.; 7:40, left on Mountain Road to turn around, return to Hill Road, left on Foster Point Road to Taggart's turn around, return; 7:52 King’s Point Rd.; 7:56, Bull Rock Rd.; 7:58, New Meadows Rd. North Bath for West Bath students 8:04 Ridge Road; 8:09 Whiskeag Rd.; 8:10 North Bath Rd. to Ridge Rd. to West Bath School.



West Bath Students Attending Bath Middle School and Morse High School


Bus 26, K. Behee

6:15 a.m. leaving bus service; 6:23, enter Berry’s Mill Rd. from Witch Spring; 6:26, enter Hill Rd.; 6:30, enter Mountain Road; 6:40. Hill Rd. and Foster’s Point Rd. to Fire Lane 88; 6:48, Foster’s Point Rd. and Bull Rock Rd.; 7:01, State Rd. and New Meadow’s Rd.; 7:05, New Meadow’s Rd. and Old Brunswick Rd.; 7:10, Bath Middle School; 7:12, Morse High School.

Bus 43, B. Bennett

6:24 a.m. leave bus depot; 6:34, Campbell’s Pond Rd. at West Bath line; 6:37, Birch Point; 6:41, Sabino Rd.; 6:45, Quaker Point to first turn around at Berry’s Mill Rd.; 7:00, State Rd. at Witch Spring Hill; 7:02, Turn around at Bull Rock , State, 7:05; Bath Middle School; 7:14, Morse High School. 



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